Smart Doll

  • Smart Doll Window Bag

    Smart Doll Window Bag

    A canvas tote bag with clear vinyl on the front and sides that fits one or two Smart Dolls and a mini version for your doll’s dolls.

  • Smart Doll Bucket Hat

    Smart Doll Bucket Hat

    Hats are a fun accessory that can change the look of your Smart Doll. This simple bucket hat fits girls and boys, semi-real and anime.

  • Smart Doll Gathered Shoes

    Smart Doll Gathered Shoes

    These cloth shoes fit Smart Doll girls and boys. They are made of materials anyone can get: quilting cotton, craft foam and cardstock. Your dolls will never have to go barefoot again!

  • Smart Doll Boy's Knit Mittens

    Smart Doll Boy's Knit Mittens

    Warm and cozy, this version of the Smart Doll Mittens is made to fit the default hands of the Smart Doll boys. They are knit in the round, but you could also knit them flat. Knit them in a solid color, or add stripes and other patterns.

  • Smart Doll Girl's Knit Mittens

    Smart Doll Girl's Knit Mittens

    Perfect for the snowy season, these mittens from this free pattern fit the default Smart Doll hands. They are knit in the round, but could also be done flat. You could knit them solid, add a stripe or other designs.

  • Smart Doll Knit Cardigan

    Smart Doll Knit Cardigan

    I relearned to knit and made this simple top down raglan knit cardigan. It goes well with the free CJ School Uniform pattern.